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Facebook Social ToolKit (100% Premium)


Facebook Social Toolkit

Facebook Social Toolkit is a 100% free working tools with a Premium Facebook toolkit license key.

Facebook Social Toolkit
Facebook Social ToolKit

Collection of all Facebook Tools.

Facebook Social Toolkit is the collection of the Facebook Automation Tools, are created to save time while using Facebook. Facebook Social Toolkit is a Google Chrome Extension. By using the toolkit for Facebook you can get different benefits like.

Free Removal Tools
1. Unlike All Facebook Pages At Once:

This Facebook Social Toolkit Premium lets you to unlike all your Facebook pages at once, helps you to remove unnecessary posts from your Facebook page’s timeline and improve the timeline. Download Facebook Social toolkit premium version for free.

2. Unfriend All Friends At Once:

If you wanted to deactivate your Facebook account, this tool will help you to remove all Facebook friends at once before deactivating your account.

3. Unfollow All Facebook Friends At Once:

If you wanted to see posts of selected friends or you don’t want to see any posts from your friends then this Facebook tool can help you to unfollow all friends or selected friends.

4. Delete All Comments At Once:

By using this Facebook Social Premium Toolkit, you can easily rid of irrelevant or abusive comments posted at your status update.

5. Reject All Friend Requests At Once:

Some Facebook users received too many friend’s requests which exceed the limit or don’t want to accept requests, then this tool will help you to rejects all Facebook friend’s requests at once.

6. Unfollow All Facebook Groups At Once:

The tool will remove unnecessary posts from groups joined without leaving the Facebook groups.

7. Remove Facebook Page Likes:

The tool will remove all your Facebook pages likes if you wanted to delete your page.

8. Remove All Facebook Groups:

The tool will help you to leave all your Facebook groups at once if you received annoying posts or too many posts from groups or you change your mind to join some niche groups related to your site.

9. Cancel All Pending Friend Requests:

The tool will help you to cancel all pending friend requests at once.

Free Facebook Tools
1. Facebook ID Extractor:

Facebook ID extractor lets you extract IDs of groups, profiles, Facebook pages, and events for free. Simply enter the URL of that page, group, event or profile and then click at extract ID button.

2. Invite Your Friends To Like Your Page:

The automated process of this page will help you to invite your all friends to like your Facebook page and helps you to get a good reach of your page’s posts.

3. Invite Your Friends To Join Your Group:

With the help of this tool, you can add all your friends as group members, this will help you to increase the number of group members and the group became more active.

4. Accept All Friend Requests At Once:

Sometimes we get too many friend’s requests and accepting requests one by one become a painful job. The automation process of this tool will accept all friend requests at once. In simple three steps, you can accept thousands of requests.

5. Event Invitation Tool:

If you have more than 1000 Facebook friends and you wanted to invite them all to your Facebook event, it can become a painful job, the event invitation tool will invite all friends to your Facebook events.

6. Send Multiple Friend Requests At once:

The tool lets you send multiple friend’s requests to your Facebook friends in a single click.

7. Suggest Your Friends To Another Friend:

If your friends recently joined Facebook and you want to suggest to your friends to know your new friend, then this tool is useful for this.

8. Facebook Video Downloader:

Facebook toolkit will help you to download Facebook videos. Enter the URL of any Facebook video and then click at generating the download link button. Then visit the generated download link and press CTRL + S, save the video to your hard drive.

Premium Facebook Tools
These tools are the premium tools having advance functionality, but it’s the bonus for you to get these premium tools by download from here.

1. Facebook Group Member Tagger:

Use the Facebook group member tagger tool to tag or mention all your group members in comments by informing them about new posts in the group.

2. Facebook Group Transfer:

The tool lets you transfer the membership of users to other friends in the group.

3. Post On Multiple Groups At Once:

Now you can easily post on multiple Facebook groups at once, Post In All FB Groups at once. This will save you time and increase the visibility of your post.

4. Post On Own Facebook Pages:

By using this tool, you can post or share your messages, videos, or links to all your Facebook pages at once. And save your time by posting separately.

5. Claim As Group Admin:

Some Facebook groups have no admins and too many members are joined this group, this tool will find that groups and make you the admin of these groups.

6. Add All Friends As Group Admin:

Premium Facebook Social Toolkit lets you add all Facebook friends as members of the group and makes them admin or editor at once.

7. Group Admin Transfer:

The tool lets you transfer the ownership of Facebook groups to your friend.

8. Message All Friends At Once:

The Facebook toolkit helps you to send stickers and massages to your specific friend or all to Facebook friends.

9. Post On Liked Pages:

The best thing is that this FB toolkit extension lets you post your message on the pages that liked by Facebook users.

10 Join Multiple Groups Using Group IDs:

You can join multiple Facebook groups with this tool. And become members in no time. You just need to provide the group IDs separated by commas of those groups that you wanted to join. So Download Facebook Social Toolkit Premium Version.

Premium Extraction Tools
This FB toolkit chrome has a Premium extraction tool which is the advanced automation tool used to retrieve details about your Facebook pages, Facebook friends and Facebook groups.

1. Extract Facebook Page Fan IDs:

The Facebook tool lets you extract the IDs of Facebook fan pages and that extracted results which can be used as a target in ad campaigns to attract users.

2. Extract Group Email:

By using this FB social toolkit you can extract emails of group members. This helps you to make a list of emails. Which is also used for email marketing strategy.

3. Extract Friends’ Emails:

In the Facebook app, some Facebook friends do not share emails publicly. This tool will use Facebook emails to contact using their email addresses. Moreover, emails sent to their emails of Facebook and will be transferred to their email inbox, which is primary.

4. Extract Friend IDs:

The Facebook toolkit lets you generate IDs of your Facebook friends, save them into CSV files. Later on, this list of IDs can be used in the target audience in Facebook Ad Campaigns.

5. Extract Group IDs:

You can generate Group IDs of group members with this tool that can be used in other tools.

6. Extract User Likes:

You can get a list of IDs of pages of Facebook which liked by a Facebook user.

7. Extract Group Member IDs:

Just like Facebook friend IDs. You can generate and get a list of Facebook group members IDs, which can be used in different campaigns of Facebook.

8. Extract Group Member Emails:

By using this FB toolkit for free, get the emails of group member’s emails just like IDs and which can be used in Facebook ad campaigns for targeted audiences.

9. Extract Phone Numbers Of Facebook Friends:

By using this FB toolkit for chrome, you can get phone numbers of your friends, and these phone numbers can be used in the targeted audience in Facebook campaigns and to add in WhatsApp for Facebook friends.

How to Use Facebook Social Toolkit Premium Version for Free

It’s easy to install toolkit for Facebook extension on google chrome browser.

Once you downloaded zip file of software, please follow the simple instructions given below to install it on your device:

1). Locate the ZIP file on your computer and unzip it using WinRAR or any other software.
2). Now Open Browser Google Chrome, Go to Settings then Extensions. or type in the address bar “chrome://extensions/”

If you use Opera press Ctrl+Shift+E

3). Turn On the  Developer Mode at the right corner and then you will see a new option ‘Load Unpacked’. simply click on it.
4). Navigate to the folder, which you were downloaded and Extracted above. Drap and Drop the Extracted folder or Select the extracted folder from the list and click on the Ok button.
5). Now it will take few seconds to Install Toolkit For Facebook Premium Version extension on your chrome browser.

6). Now, you have installed Facebook Social Toolkit successfully in your Chrome Browser. Now click on FB Toolkit at the right corner of the Chrome Browser and it will show you good and cool options. Just select any Task and Run it, use all Premium Tools features free.
7). Now login to your Facebook Account and run any task. It will ask you for an Email Address and License Key or verification key. Enter any Random Email Address, and anything in Licence Key Section and click on Unlock.
Now, It will Successfully Unlock All the Premium Features of Facebook Premium Social Toolkit Extension. Now you are ready to Enjoy! Please Share This Post with your Friends.
For Download Click Here

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